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Environmental & Social Responsibility

Our business depends on a healthy environment to be successful. We offer two eco-friendly options; by double kayak and Cayman’s only electric boat. Kayaking is a superb way to experience the beauty of our coastline and observe wildlife, or by use of electric motors. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness about the environment. Our highest priority is the care and preservation of the bioluminescent bay and the mangrove wetlands that we visit and enjoy. We only explore the Bio Bay by kayak or on our custom built electric catamaran as the use of fossil fuel engines inside the Bioluminescent bay kills these fragile organisms. We encourage use of silent sports; kayaks, sup, paddleboard, sail boats and electric motors, in order to help with the preservation of this natural phenomenon for decades (generations) to come. Check out more information about our new Eelctric Bio Boat!  

Join us in our pledge to protect our environment and fight against the possibility of dredging the bay...

Save Bio Bay- Petition

How you can do your part to protect and preserve the bay: 

1. Bug repellent lotion & sprays kill the organisms! Cayman Kayaks is the only company that encourages the application of bug repellent without DEET in our Bio Bay Adventures. It’s been proven that regular, commercial bug repellents containing toxic ingredients like DEET, kills the bioluminescent microorganisms on contact. DEET is also known to cause neurological damage, and can be absorbed through the skin, entering the bloodstream. Cayman Kayaks promotes the use of organic insect repellent. We encourage all of our guests to shower or take a swim before the tour to bio bay to cut lotions and sprays from their skin! 

2. Choose to explore the bio bay fuel free! Enjoy a leisure environmentally friendly electric boat tour or join for a kayak adventure to the magical glowing water!

Cayman Kayaks Follows These Sustainable Tourism Guidelines:

  • Carry small groups to minimize environmental impact on fragile coastal ecosystems and to allow for a more authentic and enriching personal connection to the biodiversity of the places visited.
  • Advocating protection of marine as well as terrestrial ecosystems.
  • Youth, school, corporate programs promoting preservation. Understanding creates change!
  • Minimizing direct impacts on the environment by monitoring our operations and continuing to be proactively involved in projects to protect and restore the biodiversity of the area.
  • Assisting local conservation efforts and environmental education initiatives such as school groups, participating in annual coastal cleanups, as well as partnering with numerous conservation organizations.
  • No Noise No Pollution.
  • Knowledgeable and passionate staff.
  • Alternative transportation.
  • Yak with us- Travel By Paddle!
  • Adventure tours with no risk or impact on the environment.
  • K-man Kayaks, a very carbon neutral activity.
  • Sensitive wildlife observation practices that include keeping a respectful distance to minimize noise and stress and leaving habitats pristine by hauling out any items carried in, as well as any trash left by others.