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"So maybe you are scared off by the fancy name or the fact that you need to get to Rum Point but it is worth it. Take advantage of their cheap shuttle service. You have the option of taking kayaks or the custom made electric boat. We took the boat and we were very happy we did. The owner (Tom) was the captain of our boat and we not only were amazed at the Bioluminescent creatures but also his stories about the area and his company. I strongly encourage you to support this small business person as well as learn something new. There are only a few places in the world where you can see this effect."

Tom, Jan 2017

"Stars in the Water"
We chose Cayman Kayaks because it was eco-friendly. We were not disappointed. Tom, the owner and our guide, has a special boat (we chose the boat over his kayaks as we have a child with autism) with an electric motor that does not foul the water. Remnants of diesel fuel and other chemicals are harmful to the bioluminescent organisms, as are body lotions and sunscreen. For this reason, Tom does not encourage swimming in the bioluminescence as some of the other tours do. We were very impressed with Tom's knowledge and also his dedication to preserving the fragile ecosystem in Grand Cayman. He also still maintains his wonder and excitement about the bioluminescence, and you feel that he enjoys the experience right along with you. We also enjoyed seeing the "disco shrimp" flashing in the water as we traveled out to the bay. The bioluminescence was remarkable, like a tiny blue galaxy in the water. Another enjoyable facet of the tour was Tom using a laser pointer and telling us about some of the constellations in the night sky--a real treat for those of us who live in cities and don't get to see the full glory of the stars at night. We saw a lot of stars that night, both in the sky and in the water. The wonder of nature was all around us, and it was an experience we won't soon forget.

Laura, 2017

"My husband and I really enjoyed the nighttime bioluminescent kayak tour and it was worth the drive from West Bay to Rum Point. Our guide was very friendly, knowledgeable and engaging. A Cayman native, it was obvious that his interest in and passion for the island's aquatic ecosystem was from the heart and his enthusiasm was infectious. The bioluminescence was amazing. Just beautiful! It was incredible to paddle through the dark water under a starry moonless sky as plumes of electric blue unfurled around us. I still carry the image of dipping my hand in the water and watching arcs of sparkles trail from my fingertips like diamonds. Again, just a magical experience and a beautiful evening. Cayman Kayaks is a thoroughly professional operation. We were impressed. We'd go again in a heartbeat."

Leigh, December 2016