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About Us

Cayman Kayaks, specializes in Bioluminescent Tours. We offer two eco-friendly options; by double kayak and Cayman’s only electric boat.  Our tours depart from Rum Point Club. Being the closest tour operator to bio bay makes both our kayak and electric boat tour experiences suitable for all ages and abilities. The short and comfortable journey to the bay’s calm water on a double kayak is suitable for all skill levels or lack thereof. Aboard our stealth all black electric boat the floor hatches open to a magical world below.

Established in 2006 Cayman Kayaks is the original tour operator of Bioluminescent Tours in Grand Cayman.

Cayman Kayaks crew really care about preserving the bays existence for future enjoyment. Help us protect and preserve the Bioluminescent Bay in Grand Cayman and explore the enchanting waters on either of our eco-friendly options. 

Read about our company's passion for the environment and our responsibility to protect and preserve it.  Find out how you can play a role in Cayman's environment!

Our Mission

Enable the world to experience the magical bioluminescence on the beautiful Island of Grand Cayman in a safe, environmentally friendly, educational and fun way.

Meet Our Team

Hi, we are Tom and Lisha Watling. We are a husband and wife team and the owners and operators of Cayman Kayaks here in the Cayman Islands.

Tom grew up in Cayman Islands where he developed a lifelong passion for the water and its marine life. After years of experience sailing the Caribbean Sea, diving in the ocean and surfing the waves Tom never pictured himself sitting in a kayak being a tour guide. It didn't take much time for Tom to enjoy being on the water in a kayak. Tom will share his extensive and sensitive knowledge of the bioluminescent bay as well as a wealth of information about the flora and fauna inhabiting the mangroves. You will love having a local guide to share his stories of growing up in Cayman. His goal is to make sure that all Cayman Kayaks guests enjoy the best of Cayman Islands natural resources in safe and professionally guided tours.

Lisha is originally from Canada, and did not hesitate when she was offered a job in the Cayman Islands. She will help you make your reservation a smooth process and will gladly assist you with any questions you have regarding the tour, places to eat and other things to do on island. Lisha’s passion for protecting nature and her experience in business administration makes Tom and Lisha the perfect team for Cayman Kayaks.

David grew up in the Cayman Islands.  He moved here with his family at the tender age of 7. With his families extensive involvement in local conservation efforts he inherited a deep appreciation of nature- both above and below the waves.

Motivated by a passion for the outdoors and a desire to help spread awareness and enjoyment of Cayman's ecology, he has worked a variety of eco-tourism ventures as well as being involved with many local conservation volunteer initiatives. With David’s relaxed & enthusiastic character, he strives to deliver clear, safe, enjoyable tours that leave you with a cherished memory and an enhanced understanding of the local environment.

"David was a wonderful and knowledgeable guide! We especially appreciated the stargazing. He had a laser pointer that actually enabled us to see what constellation we were looking at. Very cool."  ~ Holly- February 2018


Mak is another Canadian in Cayman escaping the winter. Mak has been a guide for over 3 years in the backcountry of Ontario. He’s brought along with him a strong passion for nature, conservation and ecology. Instead of interpreting moose in their natural environment of Ontario, Mak is enthusiastically motivated to deliver an in depth, knowledgeable and intriguing bioluminescent adventure on the nice, warm waters of bio bay.

"Mak, our guide was a friendly and intelligent Canadian. He did a fine job keeping everyone together in the dark and breezy night."    ~ KCR810 - Visited January 2018




Martin moved to Cayman from the white north in December 2017. In just a few short months he has fallen in love with Cayman and the lifestyle he has built for himself here. Having travelled and worked in New Zealand, Martin has a heart for adventure. A graduate of the Outdoor Adventure Naturalist program in Ottawa, Ontario, Martin brings with him years of experience of being on the water and a wealth of knowledge and excitement for the natural environment.

Here is what Bill thinks of Martin

“Our guide Martin was the Most Informative and Knowledgeable person I have ever met!! If I were his boss I would sure give him a Huge pay raise. The Bioluminescent Bay was Awesome!!"   ~ Bill January 2018



Spencer, although he is the rookie of the group, don’t let that fool you. He is a graduate of the Outdoor Adventure Program (ODA) at Algonquin College.  He specialized in canoeing, rafting, hiking, cycle touring, snowboarding, skiing and sea kayaking. He has worked in the outdoor adventure and tourism industry for the past 6 years as an instructor and now enjoys being a guide, sharing his admiration for the outdoors and sports with his guests. 








Cayman Kayaks team is excited to be a Grand Award Winner
at the Buisness Excellence
Awards 2017 through the
Chamber of Commerce for our Eco Warrior efforts. 


Find Us In The Media

  • SHAPE magazine featured Cayman Kayaks’ bioluminescence tours as one of the top reasons for water lovers to visit the Cayman Islands for our sustainable practises and for an overall enjoyable activity. 
  • Tracy Schults from Canoe & Kayak Magazine came and enjoyed each of our tours. She shared her wonderful articles with us. Enjoy reading about her Mangrove Tour and Bioluminescent Tours experiences. 
  • Off the beaten track blog from the Testudo's
  • Emma Montford wrote an article in the Manchester Evening News in June 2015.  Her final activity was joining our Bioluminescent Tour and in Ms Montfords own words, "Its was a magical experience and stole the show, even from the colorful reefs breathtaking coral walls and spectacular drop-offs on our dives".
  • Pedis-n-Passport; A Mother & Daughter team travel and share their adventures on their blog. We are honored that her son "had never in his life met someone like Tom, and aspires to emanate his wisdom and kindness towards humanity and nature." We love doing what we do and sharing it with others!